1Can I use GC more than one time? Do I have to spend all of benefits of GC in one time?GC is issued and used only one time. VNA will not re-issue GC if you lose it or it is damaged. If you do not use all the GC benefits in one time, you will not be able to use it another time. All benefits of GC only apply to the same person, including air ticket/upgrade service and all benefits attached in the same time.
2Can I use the GC to redeem the air ticket and upgrade service in Holidays, Tet festivals?You can redeem the GC in Holidays, Tet festival for air ticket GC; Not applicable on Holidays and Tet Festival for Upgrade GC
3When are the peak holidays/Tet festival periods?The detail period is updated on website:
4Can I refund the GC?No. GCs are not redeemable for cash
5Does the GC have expiry date? If yes, can I extend the validity of my GC?Yes. The expiry date is specified on the back of GC. It is not renewable.  
6In case of lost GC, which address can I notify to invalidate GC?VNA will not re-issue GC if you lose it or GC is damaged
7In case the GC is locked, what should I do to reopen it?  Sabre, VNA’s ticketing officers in airports will guide you to take photo of both sides of your identity document and the back of the GC. This will be sent to VNA office to be supported if the error belongs to VNA or objective reasons.  
8Can I use 2 or more GC for 1 booking?Yes. You can use multiple GCs for one ticket with multiple sectors. Or you can use air ticket GC and upgrade GC to reedem air tickets and upgrade service for one booking
9What should I do if I find out that GC has been used right after I receive itPlease be noted that in case you find out GC has been used after receiving the card, please immediately contact VNA Customer Care Center or VNA office to be solved.
10Can the used GC be used for the next time?No. GC can only be used one time to redeem air ticket / upgrade service along with benefits for only one person. VNA is not responsible for used GC and card-related civil transactions between you and an unauthorized third party which is not VNA.


1If I refund the air ticket or upgrade ticket that redeemed from GC, can I receive another GC?No. Air ticket or upgrade ticket after issued are not allowed to be refunded, transferred or changed itineraries  
2Can I give the GC to someone else? Can I use GC to buy ticket for someone else?Sure. You can present the GCs for  friends, partners…Or you can activate and redeem the GC to air ticket or upgrade ticket for another person.
3Is flight departure necessary to be completed before the expiry date of the GC?No. GC only needs to be activated and redeemed to air ticket/upgrade service before the expiry date. After redeeming, the ticket will effect within 1 year and can be rebooked without fee.
4Can I have any promotional price when I buy GC?VNA will offer the preferential policy for the you if you buy a considerable number of GC. Please contact us via or VNA Branch Offices to have more detailed information.
5Can I use GC to buy another GC?No. GC only valid to redeem air ticket and upgrade service.
6Can I refund the expired GC that has been unused?No. GC has expiry date as shown in the back of GC. Therefore, GC valids if this is activated before expiry date.
7Can I take the VAT bill when I buy GC?Yes. You can request VNA to issue the VAT bill as Financial Ministry’s Regulation.
8What types of payments that VNA offer for us to buy GC?VNA offers the payment options as you buy at ticketing offices and VNAMall.
9Can I accumulate Lotusmile bonus miles when I use GC to redeem tickets or upgrade?Yes. You will accumulate bonus miles when redeem GC. For upgrade GC, the bonus miles applied as Bussines class
10Can I pick up my air ticket or upgrade ticket at any airport offices although I have pre-registered to take these at another ticket office?No. If you activated and chose to take airline ticket or upgrade ticket at a ticket office, you must go to that office to be solved.  In case you want to change the ticket office, please send the request by the email that was registered to the Customer Care Center at for changing information.
11Can I give the GC to airport ticket officer to be handled all steps?The airport ticket office will solve after GC has been activated on website.
12Can I use the GC that I activated before?Yes, if you re-declaration has the matched information as before
13I got the air ticket or upgrade ticket but VN change or cancel the flight, how will my ticket be handle?Issued tickets are non-refundable. However, you are free of charge for changing flight schedule and can make the change multiple times as long as the ticket is valid. In these cases, you can choose another more suitable flight to travel by calling the hotline 1900 1100 (after selecting the language, choose number 2-4 to meet a consultant) or contact the VNA ticket office directly to change the date of flight.
14Is the information person who activate the card and the user of card required to be 1 person?No. You can activate and take the tickets for friends, family, parnters…
15After receiving the ticket redeeming from GC, I find the information on the ticket is wrong (name, itinerary, ..), can I ask VNA to correct it?Issued ticket can not be changed the name, itinerary,… This will comply with the general regulations of Vietnam Airlines.
16Must I use the GC benefits along with the air ticket or I can use these at other times?For GC with series number 7389990xxxxxx, all benefits of GC are only applied to the same person including air ticket / upgrade service and all benefits attached in the same time. Therefore, you cannot redeem GC to tickets and use priority services at different times. For GC with serial number 7389960xxxxxx and has not expired, airport business lounge service is identified by presenting the physical card at the airport. Therefore, if there are no other legal constraints with VNA and the card seller, you can use the bussiness lounge at another time. However, VNA recommends that you should spend all benefits with GC at the same time to get the best services.
17Can I have the VAT invoice when I get my flight ticket?No. VNA only issue the VAT invoice when buying GC.


1Which flights can be redeemed for a short-haul economy ticket GC?Please check on website
2What are the benefits of air tickets redeemed from GC?Please check on website
3What is the standard baggage allowance for airline tickets redeemed from GC?Được 1 kiện hành lý xách tay và 1 kiện hành lý ký gửi theo tiêu chuẩn, miễn phí thêm 1 kiện hành lý ký gửi 10kg nếu có EMDA hành lý kèm theo khi xuất vé.
4Can I buy GC for a business class flight ticket?VNA does not deploy business class GC separately. You can combine air ticket GC and upgrade GC to have regular business ticket.
5I have a GC, so will the INF travelling with me experience the same benefits as an adult?Yes. INF will be applied benefits as adults in accordance with the general regulations of CAAV.
6If I buy a GC for INF, will the INF get all the same privileges as adults.Yes. INF will have all the same privileges as adults.
7Can I use the business lounge when I buy ticket GC?Yes. You will use the business class lounge according to the policy issued by VNA: You will come to check-in counters to check ticket. The check-in staff will identify and issue business class lounge invitation cards to you.


1Can upgrade GC be used for all economy tickets?No. The upgrade GC can be used to upgrade to business class if the booking class is one of class  W, U, Z, Y, B, M
2GC can be applied in parallel with other promotional programs of VNA?No. GC does not apply in parallel with other discount and promotion programs of VNA.
3  Can I access the business lounge if my ticket redeemed from upgrade GC?  Yes. The ticket redeemed from upgrade GC is business ticket. Thus, you will be served as a business passenger. You will show the business class boarding pass to the lounge staff to use the services


1Where can I redeem the GC?+ You can activate and redeem the GC on website + You can activate and redeem the GC in all of VNA office at airport (for goshow) + You can contact with Customer Care in Viet Nam (24/7) Hotline: 1900 1100;
  2How can I solve in case facing with obstacles in using/paying by GC?You can contact with Customer Care in Viet Nam (24/7) Hotline: 1900 1100;
3What should I do in case I have questions, reports about GC?You can contact with Customer Care in Viet Nam (24/7) Hotline: 1900 1100;
4Can GC be delivered to home?  For home delivery, you can buy GC on VNAMAll website. Currently, VNA applies to sell GC at VNAMall website and VNA branch offices.
5Where can I get information about GC?You can visit GC’s website at to have detailed information.